Jacob’s Favorite Cookies

Jacob’s favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin, and he also loves coconut. I have been telling him I am going to make Oatmeal Coconut Raisin cookies forever! So I finally did, and they were delicious. I used an oatmeal pecan cookie recipe claiming to be equally crunchy and chewy as my starting point. I wanted a balanced cookie, and that is definitely how it turned out. I changed some things around to fit the ingredients I wanted to use, and they turned out really delicious.



Oreo Ice Cream Cake with Ganache

My best friend made a last minute birthday trip to Houston this week. As a native Texas living in Virginia, she misses Blue Bell Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream more than almost anything. I took it upon myself to make her an ice cream cake from scratch! After a lot of research, I decided I was mostly going to wing it. I think most people buy their ice cream cakes, because the internet did not prove terribly useful. I had to devise a plan on how to stack the layers without over melting the ice cream. Letting Blue Bell, or other commercial¬† ice creams, melt in order to spread it on the cake layers, and then refreezing the whole cake leaves the ice cream icy and deflated: not the ideal texture. One way to solve this is to make your own ice cream. While this sounded fun, I don’t have an ice cream maker. Plus, you can’t copy Blue Bell Cookies ‘n Cream. My plan was to use a springform pan to stack the layers. I chose a specific sour cream and vegetable oil based chocolate cake recipe, because the author claimed it would hold up better to freezing, as opposed to a butter based cake that would harden more and dry out faster. The cake batter was very thin, but it baked into a delicious, soft, and moist cake, perfect for freezing between layers of delicious ice cream.